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God Always Heals


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This book has the potential to completely change your view of divine healing. Tom de Wal is known for his healing teaching and miracles that happen because of the teaching and ministry. Of course this provokes many questions and reactions. In this book, Tom answers the questions and lays a solid Biblical foundation for healing. The power of this book is that God’s Word is allowed to answer these questions rather than people’s experience or disappointment.

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This books has three parts:

Part 1: Does God always want to heal everyone?

In Part 1, we answer the question, “Does God always want to heal everyone?”

Part 2: Answers to the 35 most-frequently-asked, bible-Based questions and objections about healing

In Part 2, we look at the most-frequently-asked questions and objections about healing. e.g. “Doesn’t God, in His sovereignty, decide who will be healed and who won’t?”, “But aren’t we living in “The Interim”, a time when some get healed but not everyone gets healed?”, “Doesn’t the Old Testament say that sickness and suffering come from God?”, etc.

Part 3: Why don’t some people get healed and what should they do?

In Part 3, we will look at why some people don’t get healed and what they should do.


<b>Tom de Wal<b> started Frontrunners in 2016. Tom is a popular teacher at Bible schools and speaks some 200 times a year in the Netherlands and abroad in all sorts of meetings and conferences. His powerful teaching is confirmed by signs and wonders including healing, and deliverance. Frontrunners also has videos in English that it publishes online. Tom has written 11 books, of which 600,000 copies have been printed. Frontrunners runs an online and full time Bible school to raise up a generation that is full of the power and faith of the Holy Spirit.

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