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Touching Jesus


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When Jesus walked the earth, many people tried to touch Him to receive the healing power He carried in Him. All who touched Him were healed, no matter what they were suffering from (Mark 6:56). In this book, Tom describes how we can still touch Jesus today. Jesus hasn’t changed and He still wants to heal everyone. Tom gives seven steps in this book that we need to follow in order to touch Jesus. Many people skip a number of these important steps and so they don’t receive their healing. They start with Step 7, forgetting about the previous steps. In this book, Tom lays out the steps we need to take to come to Jesus. This book will help you receive your healing at home or wherever you are.

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In this book:

  • Steps that anyone can follow and be healed
  • How faith and healing work together
  • Five ways to get faith for healing
  • Seven ways to be sure that God wants to heal all the time
  • Countless testimonies of healings from people that received their healing at home or in the hospital and were healed from cancer, blindness or paralysis, to name a only few
  • Explanation of the most important questions about healing that come up, such as the story of Job’s life
  • 150+ scriptures about healing

Touching Jesus is a book brimming with the goodness of God, for He is the Healer who wants to make all things whole. Let the beautiful truths wash over you like a refreshing shower full of powerful faith, inspiring testimonies and sound teaching. Martin Koornstra

Tom de Wal leads the Frontrunners Ministries ministry full-time, together with his wife Femke. Tom speaks in many places at home and abroad and is also a popular teacher at Bible schools.

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