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eBook – Living Through Giving


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This is a book that covers a powerful principle that God has given us to build His Kingdom and release His blessing on our lives. The principle is financial partnership and is about joining forces with (traveling) ministries. When we apply this principle, God’s Kingdom is built and our lives are made wealthier. In other words: we live through giving. Financial partnership is not about giving a donation to a ministry, it’s about joining forces for God’s Kingdom and receiving all the blessings that come with it. You will never look at this subject in the same way again once you have read this book.

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I thoroughly recommend this book. It is clear and easy to read, and will help you get deeper revelation of what God's Word says about financial partnership. – Michiel C. Koelewijn, entrepreneur, speaker and author of God's Economy and 10%

Many Christians are extremely generous, making it life-changing when you get Bible insight into the power of partnership. This book gives you this basis and will add a new dimension to your generosity. The principles that Tom gives are lived and tested and they will encourage and bless you enormously.
Bernard Oudhoff, Pastor, Jubilee