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eBook – Praying Is Receiving


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“Everyone who prays, receives” Jesus promises (Matthew 7:8). It’s not just this verse, but the entire New Testament that promises us that we will get what we pray for. If it’s up to God, getting what you pray for is not a possibility but a certainty. However, our experience with prayer is often very different. Every Christian can come up with examples of things that they have prayed for that they didn’t receive. How is this possible when the New Testament promises us more than twenty times that we will get everything we pray for? James says that we won’t get anything if we don’t pray right (James 4:3). This means that we can pray wrong and then not get what we prayed for.


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In this book, Tom de Wal takes us through the seven most common reasons why we don’t get what we pray for, drawn from the Word of God. This book will help you deal with all of these reasons so that you will have a life in which it is normal for you to get what you pray for.

This book is a great source of faith and inspiration, packed with powerful truths about prayer. Every Christian should know these principles so that they have an effective and powerful prayer life.

This clear, inspiring book lays a great foundation for your prayer life and will really help you get your prayers answered. Keep pen and paper handy while reading, it will change your prayer life. - Herman Boon

Tom de Wal is the founder of Frontrunners and speaks about 200 times a year at home and abroad in all kinds of services, conferences and Bible schools. The services are characterized by strong teachings that are confirmed by healings, deliverances and miracles. Tom has written 12 books that have been printed more than 600,000 times. Frontrunners also has a part-time, online and full-time Bible school to equip people.

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