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eBook – The Power of Water Baptism


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Water baptism is one of the foundations of the Christian faith and a turning point in the life of a Christian. Unfortunately, many people think that baptism is just a symbolic act to bear witness to their faith but nothing could be further from the truth! Jesus and the apostles taught that baptism really does something. A transformation takes place in the spiritual world when people are baptized. One of the reasons that many people don’t understand the power of water baptism is that they see baptism as a separate event and not as part of a healthy spiritual rebirth. Tom wrote this book precisely to help people back to the powerful and simple truth that God’s Word teaches us about water baptism and to set water baptism in the right context.

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  • What water baptism isn’t.
  • The spiritual foundation for understanding water baptism.
  • What does baptism do.
  • Are you actually saved if you haven’t been baptized?
  • When and how we should be baptized.
  • What the Bible says about infant baptism and confirmation.
  • What the baptism of John the Baptist is and what baptism in the Holy Spirit is.

Tom de Wal started Frontrunners in 2016. Tom is a popular teacher at Bible schools and speaks some 200 times a year in the Netherlands and abroad in all sorts of meetings and conferences. His powerful teaching is confirmed by signs and wonders including healing, and deliverance. Frontrunners also has videos in English that it publishes online. Tom has written 11 books, of which 600,000 copies have been printed. Frontrunners runs an online and full time Bible school to raise up a generation that is full of the power and faith of the Holy Spirit.

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